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Nursing Home Cameras Petition

It shouldn’t take a pandemic or a viral video of abuse to convince our leaders that we ought to be protecting our seniors.

It’s long past time we do something to protect nursing home residents from abuse.

Sign the petition below to let leaders in Michigan know that residents should be allowed to install a camera in their nursing home if they wish. Make your voice heard now!

Nursing Home Petition

Cameras can act as a deterrent to some of the most heinous behavior that is taking place. They can give peace of mind to family members worried about the care of their loved ones. If an episode of abuse does happen and is caught on tape, legal video evidence can be used to bring justice to the abusers.

Senate Bill 33 is designed to solve this problem. It would allow nursing home residents and their families to install a camera in their rooms if they would like one. Currently nursing homes in Michigan can prevent their residents from having cameras in their own rooms.

Under Senate Bill 33, residents and their families would pay for and oversee the cameras. If a resident’s living space is a shared one, all roommates would have to consent to having a camera. Signs would have to be posted in the facility and the room itself to make it very clear that a camera is present. Additional provisions would allow the curtaining of cameras for medical procedures and other sensitive times to protect privacy.

We call on nursing homes to permit residents to install a camera if they wish to do so.

We call on additional members of the Legislature to join in the effort to pass this legislation.

We call on the governor to signal her support for this effort.

Elder abuse doesn’t stop happening just because we pretend it isn’t real. Thankfully, we have a chance to act now to solve this problem.

Sign the petition to let seniors install a camera in their nursing home today.