National Tax Freedom Day: Runestad calls on Democrats to stop raising taxes

National Tax Freedom Day: Runestad calls on Democrats to stop raising taxes

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Jim Runestad paid tribute to National Tax Freedom Day on Thursday by calling on Michigan Democrats to stop raising taxes on hardworking Michiganders.

“Today is a day when we should be celebrating tax relief to help Michiganders keep more of their own money,” said Runestad, R-White Lake. “Instead, taxes and fees are being raised higher and higher on struggling Michigan families. We have seen Senate Democrats vote against tax relief over 20 times in the last year, taking even more money out of taxpayers’ paychecks.”

Since taking control of the Legislature in January 2023, Michigan Democrats have raised the state’s income tax, voted against tax relief for seniors and working families, and voted to raise taxes or fees over 20 times. These include votes against a child tax credit and against a broad-based senior tax deduction, as well as voting for higher taxes on hotels, utensils and napkins, medical equipment, environmental fees, license and registration fees, and more.

“The worst part is, they’re not done yet,” Runestad said. “The governor’s next budget has called for over $101 million in new fee increases, including a 1,288% trash fee hike, not to mention new bills in the Legislature to raise water rates all across the state, making life even more expensive.

“Lansing Democrats have raised your taxes to pay for their pet projects like swimming pools, pickleball courts, and give away crony corporate handouts. Be assured that I will be offering amendments when the next budget comes to the floor to cut wasteful spending and protect taxpayer dollars from being squandered.”

Michigan’s Senate Democratic Caucus has voted to raise taxes, or voted to oppose tax cuts, over 20 times since 2023, including:

“With inflation so high, we should be working to help Michiganders better afford the cost of living — not making it harder for them. Even on National Tax Freedom Day, Democrats still haven’t figured that out,” Runestad said. “A family’s life, liberty, and property are never safe when a Democrat-controlled Legislature is in session.”


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