Sen. Runestad sends letter to Judge Grant urging justice in Derek Miller sentencing

Sen. Runestad sends letter to Judge Grant urging justice in Derek Miller sentencing

LANSING, MI – State Sen. Jim Runestad on Tuesday sent a letter to Judge Nanci Grant urging her to sentence Derrek Miller to the fullest extent of the law.

Miller is set to be sentenced Wednesday for his role in the corruption case against former Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith. He is set to be granted a plea deal, which will result in a deferred misdemeanor with no jail time.

“Derek Miller is the mastermind co-conspirator of Eric Smith, and instead of being held accountable, it appears he will just receive a slap on the wrist,” said Runestad, R-White Lake. “This is a severe step down from the initial charge, two felonies with five-year prison terms. In addition, Miller pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars in paid vacation and benefits, all while avoiding any jail time. Apparently, crime pays in Michigan if you know the right people.”

Runestad had previously called for the attorney general to change her plea deal with Smith in a letter sent Aug. 22. Despite the letter and public outcry, Grant sentenced Smith under the plea deal with no additional prison time.

“This sham sweetheart deal will allow Derek Miller to plead to just one misdemeanor with no jail time instead of facing the two felonies that could’ve put Derek Miller behind bars for years,” Runestad said. “As with Eric Smith’s sweetheart deal, this sentence does an injustice to the taxpayers of Michigan and Macomb County. When will corrupt officials stop being tried on a different playing field as the rest of us?”


Editor’s Note: A copy of the letter sent to Judge Grant is attached to this email.

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